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The 20th Annual Thanksgiving Day Challenge: 20 Aftermath YOLD 3181
The 19th Annual Thanksgiving Day Challenge: 12 Aftermath YOLD 3180
The 18th Annual Thanksgiving Day Challenge: 45 Aftermath YOLD 3179
The 17th Annual Thanksgiving Day Challenge: 26 Aftermath YOLD 3178
The 16th Annual Thanksgiving Day Challenge: 17 Aftermath YOLD 3177
The 15th Annual Thanksgiving Day Challenge: 13 Aftermath YOLD 3176
The 14th Annual Thanksgiving Day Challenge:50 Aftermath YOLD 3175
An Appeal to Negativland to contact Russian President Dmitry Medvedev: 29 The Aftermath YOLD 3175
The 13th Annual Thanksgiving Day Challenge: 25 Aftermath YOLD 3174
The 12th Annual Thanksgiving Day Challenge: 12 Aftermath YOLD 3173
The 11th Annual Thanksgiving Day Challenge:13 Aftermath YOLD 3172
The 10th Annual Thanksgiving day Challenge: 42 Aftermath YOLD 3171
Recognition of the Free Republic of Duluth: 35 Chaos YOLD 3171
The National Anthem of The People's Republic of Ames: 45 Discord YOLD 3170
The 8th Annual Thanksgiving Day Challange: 43 Aftermath YOLD 3169
Protection of Pornography Week: 11 Aftermath YOLD 3169
Repelling of the DMBites: 47 Discord YOLD 3168
The Toons Incident: 42 Chaos YOLD 3168

Diplomatic Relations

The following states have diplomatic relations with The People's Republic of Ames. To establish relations, contact the Majordomo of State at

Other Stuff

The Church of Our Lady of the Ethernet, Cabal of the Everlasting Blinkenlight

To all those who present shall come, WELCOME:

Let it be known, that on this day, THE PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF AMES, a disincorporated un-nation was formed, abiding by the following rules:

Nations of the World are asked to establish diplomatic channels by contacting the Majordomo of State at The Embassy, The People's Republic of Ames. Most Favored Nation Status and several lucrative treaties await those nations who act now.

Businesses dealing with The People's Republic of Ames may apply for Warrants of Appointment by contacting the Grand Flush of His Most Sublime Duckyness' Privy Council.

By my hand and seal, I do command this true this Prickle-Prickle, Confusion 3, The Year of Our Lady of Discord 3167:
His Most Sublime Duckyness The Left Honourable The Reverend Gord
D.r. St. Thomas L. Kula, GmPL, BS, KSC, GON, OFM, OFB, KEOLECEB:
By the Grace of Goddess Episkopos and Knight Eternal of the Order
of Our Lady of the Ethernet, Cabel of the Everlasting Blinkenlight;
The 0th 137th Iowa State University Louis P. Weatherbacker Weirdo
in Residence; Archchancellor of the Free Guild University of Quux;
Chairman of The Offcentral Committee of The People's Republic of
Ames; Lord Protector and Ambassador of The Holy Protectorate of
Duluth; Dictator of Drake University; Founding Member of the
Ancient and Right Society of Bitter but not Desperate Freebachelors;
Vice President of the Party; Patron Saint of Knowledge, Asshole
Town; Quaff of Nesbitts; Red Card Licensate; Patron of the White
Castle; Conquistador of the Crave Case; Mommy; Seeker of Ted; Keeper
of The Most Perfect Conversation Ever; Representative In This
Continuum For The Rock Which Does Not Move; Surge Master; Constable
of the Bac-n-Salt; Custodian of The Quote File; Vice President in
Charge of weights and measures and furry little animals, Jonny-Jon
Records; Lord of the Polka; Keeper of the Ancient Hardware;
Protector of the VAX; Defender of the Faith.

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