The National Anthem of The People's Republic of Ames

On the 45th day of Season of Discord in the Year of Our Lady of Discord 3170 The People's republic of Ames did hereby adopt the following NATIONAL ANTHEM:

The People are rising,
The Coffee is brewing,
The Midnight of the Future has now arrived!

While Books tower o'er
We find vacant spaces
And fill them with Junk that has no possible use!

The People's Republic of Ames:
Eris bless the Bac-N-Salt!
You want some VAXen? Well, we've got them all!

Forward the Titanium Spork!
Nesbitts will flow forever more!

Long Live The People's Republic of Ames!

set to the tune of A. Alexandrov.

An electronic version of the origial proclamation is available.

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