Church of Our Lady of the Ethernet
Cabel of the Everlasting Blinkenlight

Goddess works in mysterious ways, and one manifestation of Her mysteriousity what you are seeing here: The Church of Our Lady of the Ethernet, Cabel of the Everlasting Blinkenlight, dedicated to finding manifestations of Her Work in the technology that enables us to, well, allows us to download large amounts of porn.

Anyone who deals with large (or even small) systems of technology soon comes to the realization that while many of the pieces seem strange or out of place, and that the whole system seems just barely duct-taped together and preciously close to tumbling down, it still seems to work. For how long, who knows, but then again, if we knew, we'd be out of a job and have to do something usewhile.

The primary work of The Cabel of the Everlasting Blinkenlight is to seek out and reveal the Wisdom of The Goddess as manefested in The Book of Downright Neato Things. Other works here include Apocalyptus Nullus Carrier and the 2N (Where N=5) Commandments.