The 18th Annual Thanksgiving Day Challenge

In the fall of 1996 (YOLD 3162) some friends of mine and I challenged each other to a eating contest on Thanksgiving Day. The rules were simple: record everything you eat from midnight to midnight on Thanksgiving Day, and I would decide who ate the most. The winner would recieve the Order of the Fizzy Bicarbonate and the accolade of millions. Thus was born the Thanksgiving Day Challenge.

The tradition has continued on into its eighteenth year, changing little since the original contest. One no longer needs to eat the most (although that certainly helps), but rather eat the best in the Spirit of the Thanksgiving Day Challenge. That's a bit hard to define, but when looking at each entry every year, I usually find one that has just a bit something extra.

This year, the winner is Daniel Ramaley, who not only made nearly everything he ate, but also documented it on the intertoobes like all the cool kids are doing: You can see a photo of Dan's award here, under the watchful gaze of Bean, Registrar of Documents, without whom no proclamation of The People's Republic of Ames is official.

In addition, for causing the first rule change to occur in eighteen years of Thanksgiving Day Challenges (which will be known as the "Platt Amendment", The People's Republic of Ames names Greg Platt to the Order of the Rules Keepers. You can see a photo of Greg's award here.


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